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About Us : News

Word Processing White Paper (Dec 13)
Blue Mug has extensive experience writing word processors and text widgets. We have condensed this knowledge into a guide for creating interactive text editors with word-wrapping. We address text data storage, formatting, wrapping, and rendering. Available as PDF (445K).

Building an Embedded Linux Prototype Lecture (Sept 27)
We are pleased to present our lecture slides about the steps we went through to get a device from concept to working prototype. Includes a description of the project, a discussion of hardware selection, an overview of the low-level challenges, and a look at our user interface goals, the design we choose to meet these goals, and how we engineered the user interface. Available as PDF (5.4M).

New Web Site (Sept 12)
We revised our web site in order to:
  • Clearly state the services we offer and problems we can help solve
  • Demonstrate our breadth of experience through specific case studies
  • Provide a resource for research papers and applications

Please let us know if you have any comments or problems!

Updated Embedded Linux Survey (Aug 20)
Blue Mug is proud to present a revised version of its popular survey of the state of the Embedded Linux arena. It is an invaluable resource for anyone considering Linux or starting an embedded Linux project. Available as PDF or HTML.

Wireless Glossary application now available (Aug 08)
Blue Mug has written a PalmOS application to easily search the meanings of a myriad of wireless industry terms. It is released as Open Source under the terms of the GPL; see the Wireless Glossary project page for details.