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Case Studies : 3G Smartphone

3G Phone Customer: 1st-tier OEM
Industry: Mobile consumer electronics
Solution: 3G smartphone

The Project:

Our client wished to extend their product line to include a handset taking advantage of all that 3G has to offer, making it the most advanced mass production handset in the world. Features include:

  • Built-in full motion color video camera
    • High-resolution, full-duplex, packet-switched, dynamically compressed video and audio sent and received at very high data rates.
  • Excellent graphics, 21,000+ pixels with both hardware and software alpha blending
  • Advanced user interface uses multiple transparency planes, animated icons and backgrounds
  • Exceptional application suite
    • Dynamically downloadable applications and content
    • Picture-mail
    • Mobile web access
    • Movie playback

This project posed several major challenges.

  • Software was at least twice as complex as previous product
  • Large, globally distributed development team
  • Extremely constrained memory (1/3 the RAM, 1/2 the ROM of competing devices)
  • Integration of low-level RTOS and dynamic application OS

Blue Mug's Responsibility:

  • Software development plan
  • Core OS development
    • File system
    • Database
    • Multimedia extensions
    • User interface reference
  • Feature infrastructure
    • Software alpha blending
    • Versit (vCard and vCalendar)
    • 3G reference apps
  • Development tools
    • UI builder
    • Win32 emulator
    • Distributed source code management system


  • Achieved full functionality within memory limits
  • Drastically improved legacy code reliability
  • Successful product launch in early 2002; the product sold out almost immediately