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Research & Development

Blue Mug has written a number of white papers, articles, and software applications. Here's a sample of what we've produced:

Writing a Simple Word Processor (PDF)
The elements of design for interactive text editors with word-wrapping.
Embedded Linux Survey (pdf) (HTML)
A survey of the embedded Linux arena with an emphasis on mobile consumer devices.
Embedded Linux Performance Study (pdf) (HTML)
This objective analysis of Linux's performance on devices with limited hardware resources helps answer the question, "would Linux work for my device?" The first in a three-part series, this installment addresses the set-top device category.
From Embedded Device UI Design to Implementation Using Gtk+ (HTML)
A description of designing and implementing a device UI in Gtk+. (Originally published in Jan/Feb 2002 Embedded Linux Journal).
Building an Embedded Linux Prototype (PDF)
An overview of how we we selected hardware and software components, modified low-level behaviors, and designed the user experience for an embedded Linux device.
SMessy (PalmOS) (Linux)
Send and receive SMS messages from a GSM phone to your Palm or Linux computer. Palm version requires IR phone.
Wireless Glossary (PalmOS)
PalmOS application provides a searchable glossary of wireless industry terms.
Blue Mugzilla (Linux)
A project management tool adapted from the Mozilla project's Bugzilla bug tracking system, modified to be appropriate for tracking small software projects via a simplified UI.
Cirrus Logic EP7211 Tools
Includes ARM Linux kernel for EP7211 board, Hermit downloader/booter.