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Blue Mug is an engineering services company. We develop software for mobile communicating devices on behalf of our clients.

We work closely with customers to create solutions tailored to their particular needs. Whether you need a few hours of expert advice or an entire engineering team, Blue Mug can help.

We have extensive experience developing and expanding operating system software. We are adept at writing drivers, enabling Internet communication, and interfacing with cellular technologies.

We have worked on a myriad of hardware platforms and architectures. We can help you port entire software platforms or extend your applications across platforms.

At the early stage of your project cycle, Blue Mug can work with you to keep your cost of goods low, analyze hardware performance, and identify technical risks. Past clients agree that our mockups and rapid prototyping offer invaluable glimpses at the project reality which in turn steer the course of development.

Blue Mug can help at any stage of designing and implementing the user experience. This includes researching usability issues, creating comprehensive style guides, and developing or customizing applications. We have written PIMs, email clients, web browsers, and system configuration utilities.

If you need to ramp up your project team, Blue Mug can supply individual engineers, cohesive teams, or well-honed project management. We have provided short-term engineering work, integrated efforts with overseas engineering teams, and managed entire projects.

Some representative examples of past projects include:

  • 3G Phone: Our client wanted to add a fully-capable 3G phone to their product line. Blue Mug helped create the software plan, developed core OS improvements, added infrastructure for key features (such as alpha blending and Versit sync), and wrote essential development tools. The result? The most advanced handset in the world.

  • Wireless Integration: Blue Mug wrote a complete telephony API and QPE application infrastructure for NeoMagic so their chip can be used with cellular phones.

  • Prototyping: Typesoft worked with Blue Mug to make Vera, a low-cost full-sized keyboard with text display. We went through several prototype/revision iterations to demonstrate feasibility, choose the right hardware for the target cost-of-goods, and perform user tests.

  • UI Design: A client approached Blue Mug with a novel device idea. Blue Mug crafted an user interface uniquely suited for the device's size, screen, and form factor; this work was later written up for a magazine article.