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Services : Device Manufacturers

Whether you're a small company planning a new device or an OEM building a platform, Blue Mug can help by letting you focus on the product as we focus on the technology.

In general, here's how Blue Mug integrates with a manufacturer's internal product development team:

  • Manufacturer identifies features that require technology changes

  • Blue Mug identifies solution, creates development plan (e.g. build, license, or customize?)

  • Blue Mug and manufacturer collaborate to create/integrate new technology and implement desired features

Technology Decisions

New features often require new technology. Acquiring the right technology can be difficult! Blue Mug can help.
  • Use Blue Mug to get fast answers
  • "Build vs. buy" analysis
  • Find a vendor
  • Evaluate options and select the best match
  • Choose an operating system
  • Create or port tools

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping allows device manufacturers to short-circuit the development cycle to solicit user and investor feedback on their ideas without a long and expensive project cycle. It saves money before engineering beings.

It makes sense to outsource prototyping work to Blue Mug.

  • Experienced
  • Fast
  • Allows concurrent development
  • Lower cost
  • Industry connections


We help integrate emerging technologies, such as serial, IrDA, camera/video, external flash, telematics.


Blue Mug can help you get your internal development process focused on your core competencies instead of getting tangled up in the distractions of tool and develeopment effort support.

  • Tools integration for smooth build process and shorter development cycle
  • Automated builds catch bugs early
  • OS emulators
  • Source control