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Services : Workshop

You have a project concept and a lot of questions.

A system workshop can jumpstart your project. Blue Mug will help refine your ideas into customer requirements and identify technical hurdles. Clients have found this to be an invaluable way of starting their product cycle.

  • A 1-to-5 day intensive, pre-project meeting
  • Our team meets with your team
  • We research and provide sound technical advice
  • Written deliverables (tailored to project)
    • Project Overview (refinement of workshop inputs)
    • Technical Risk Assessment and Recommendations
    • High-level Task List and Work Estimates
    • Project Phasing and Staffing Recommendations
    • Project Scope Assessment (Time and Cost Estimates)

Immediate Benefits

  • Rapid, quality feedback
  • Can serve as a trial engagement period (get to know Blue Mug)
  • Strengthens working relationship
  • Enables detailed and accurate Statement of Work
  • Establishes clear goals for Project Kickoff